Food Recalls and Staying Aware.

We recently read a headline stating “euthanasia drug found in dog food prompts recall.”  You can find the link to the article here: FOOD RECALL!

We wanted to share another link (below) that will help you as a pet owner stay aware of what food brands are being recalled. Pet food recalls are just as important as human food recalls because they can range from anything as seemingly small as expired kibble, to the above catastrophe that ended a dog’s life. 

To stay up to date on which foods and brands are having recalls visit AVMA’s (American Veterinary Medical Association) website, or Click here.


Heal Your Pet!

Hi folks, we wanted to talk to you a little bit about the laser therapy we offer here at Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic, and why we love it! 

Laser therapy is a drug free, surgery free, non-invasive option to provide relief for your pet for a number of different things.  Our Class IV deep tissue laser uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. The laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called “photo-bio-modulation,” which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and increased healing speed. 

One of our most common laser uses is to aid in the healing of the gums after a dental procedure. (February is dental month, call now to schedule and get 10% off, only a few spots left!) 

If you have any questions regarding laser please give us a call or stop in!!!

Happy Dental Health Awareness Month!

February is dental health month in the pet world, and we wanted to give y’all a few pointers on at home dental care for your dogs and cats!!

  • One of the most important factors in dental care is getting your pet started at a young age. While they don’t necessarily need their teeth brushed at 8-12 weeks of age, getting them used to this routine by brushing once or twice a week will make the job a lot easier as they get older!
  • Try to make it a fun experience! Use lots of love and positive reinforcement when brushing – this will help build their confidence and not view brushing as a punishment.
  • Another trick is to give your pet abrasive foods and toys such as dry kibble, and dense rubber toys. Avoid natural bones  and dried cow hooves – we recommend nylon bones because they do not break into small pieces, or try our Oravet dental chews! 

For an instructional video on how to brush your pets teeth, click here!

Heartworm: What’s the big deal?

We hear a number of questions and confusion on heartworm prevention. When to give it, if it should be year round, or wether clients should give it at all. First of all, it is transferred by mosquitoes, you may think that they are not year round but our very own Dr. Joe took his kids to the snow and he had to fend them off at Bowman Lake. Secondly, it is a long and sometimes difficult process to treat your pet. Treating for adult heartworm one time is the same cost of buying approximately 7 years of prevention ( for a large dog it costs 10.29 a month) and can take up to 6months to treat. Lastly, our prevention is a convenient treat that also keeps them from getting other parasites as well, ultimately keeping your pet and house happier. 

House calls aren’t just for horses!!

We just wanted to give a friendly reminder that we offer house/ranch calls! If you have a pet at home that does not like coming into the veterinarians office then we would be happy to come visit him or her at home. 

Some pets feel safer and prefer to be treated in an environment that is familiar to them, and we totally understand that! Let us know if you need a home visit when you schedule your appointment!