Lyme Disease

While we are beyond happy that the sun seems to be here to stay, with the warmer weather comes our least favorite little bug: the tick. Ticks are small arachnids, part of the order Parasitiformes. Ticks are ectoparasites, living by feeding on the blood of mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles and amphibians. But the biggest … Continue reading Lyme Disease


Endangered Species of the Week: Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin are the largest tuna and can live up to 40 years. They migrate across oceans and can dive more than 4,000 feet. Bluefin tuna are made for speed: built like torpedoes, have retractable fins and their eyes are set flush to their body. They are tremendous predators from the moment they hatch, seeking out … Continue reading Endangered Species of the Week: Bluefin Tuna