Celebrating the New Year

Many people look forward to celebrating on New Years Eve, but for many pets its a very scary and stressful night. Many pets have noise aversion, where loud noises can send them running scared, thunder or fireworks are the most common causes of fear for them. We have some tips for your pets to help everyone have a happy new year celebration. 

  1. Wear them out: excercise them vigorously during the day so that they sleep through he fireworks
  2. Ask abot meds: Some pets need medication to be comfortable, ask your vet about available medications
  3. Don’t leave alcohol unattended, pets don’t recover as easily from alcohol ingestion
  4. Put your pet in a quiet room; loud noises and extra house guests can be very unnerving for pets, sometimes it’s best if you let them hide
  5. Microchip your pet!  If your pet gets out or gets away from you they can be identified without a collar. Your pet has a much higher chance of getting home with a microchip

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