Oral Flea and Tick- Is it Safe?


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has alerted pet owners and veterinarians to be aware of the potential for neurological adverse events in dogs and cats when treated with drugs that are in the isoxazoline class. What does that mean for pet owners?

For pet owners, if your dog has a history of seizures you need to alert your veterinarian before buying any oral flea and tick product. The FDA has reported all the medications in this class safe and effective for healthy pets who have no seizures and are getting the correct dosages. You should follow the recommended age and weight restrictions on the  box and insert sheet that comes with your medications. It is not recommended to split larger medications for smaller pets because there is no guarantee they will get the correct dosing. If your pets are already on one of these medications and have had no adverse reactions it is safe to continue using them.

The medication that is currently recommended here at Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic is Nexgard. The safety studies on this product are one of the lowest incidence ratings and can safely be given to a puppy of 8 weeks or older. These studies have shown that even at 10 times the normal dose the studied puppies had no adverse side effects, and they continue to have less than 1 in 10,000 reported adverse events after being on the market for 5 years in over 100 countries.

Bravecto is another oral flea and tick medication that is popular with our clients and it has the same safety incidence at 1 in over 10,000 reported adverse events which the FDA classifies as very rare. The difference between Nexgard and Bravecto is it can only be given to pets over 6 months of age and it lasts for 12 weeks.


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