Busting open Heartworm Disease

Heartworm is a deadly disease that is spread from infected mammal to infected mammal by mosquitoes. Actually, 7 out of 10 mosquitoes around an infected canine’s kennel test positive for heartworm.  Some veterinary clinics recommend only giving heartworm medication during high mosquito incidence seasons but here in Placer County we have such a high incidence that we recommend medication year round. It is important that pets are given their prevention on time because there is short window that they can miss before it becomes ineffective. Fun fact heartworm prevention works so well that it is 99% effective if given correctly. Another fun fact you can buy 7 years of heartworm prevention for the cost of treating one time. That is why your veterinarians are so adamant about keeping your pets on medication. The treatment for heartworm disease can be hard on the pets that go through it because they should have limited activity for the entire course of treatment which can last up to 6 months.